Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday

Today is Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras or any number of names you want to call it. Basically, it's the last day before Lent starts and if you're in NOLA there is one last parade down Bourbon Street. It's a day of excess to make up for the next 40 days of restriction for Lent.

I'm debating whether to have a donut or something today. I am going to a spin class tonight and I want to get a 30 minute run (on the treadmill) in afterwards. I wouldn't feel bad at all grabbing that last donut before Lent. Tomorrow I'll share what I'm doing for Lent, but I can say one of my goals is to cut back on sweets. I've given up sweets in the past, so this year I want to do something different. So, I'm not doing the sweet thing. This year I want to do something positive rather than something negative.

What about you? Will you be having that last hurrah before Lent today? 


  1. Does giving up giving things up for Lent count??? LOL!

    1. LOL! We used to say we were giving up homework for Lent in school. That never seemed to go over well...