Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fun weekend!

As you know, I headed to Milwukee, WI on Friday to visit my friend for her birthday. My flight out was a bit late (30 minutes), but wasn't too bad. I always find traveling alone odd. I have to remember that I must bring all my stuff with me at all times because I have no one to leave it with. I had no troubles thanks to an Information Desk employee who gave me a plastic bag to put my liquids in and helped determine which of my liquids needed to go in the bag so I could take my suitcase through security rather than having to check it. Thanks Baltimore!

Going through the airport, I needed to stop for lunch. Everywhere I thought to eat I realized would have had meat and being a Friday in Lent that was a no-no. Kinda crazy. I ended up with cinnamon sugar pretzel nuggets from Auntie Anne's. Always yummy!

My flight was totally uneventful and I arrive in Milwaukee a tad late, but nothing major. My lovely friend Kim met me at the airport and we quickly headed home. We already had dinner reservations, but we were waiting for her husband to head out. We made our 6:30 p.m. reservation at Bucco de Beppo. I had never eaten there before. Wow. It's kinda crazy. Servings are family-style and huge! We ordered garlic bread as an appetizer, which was yummy. Then we ordered two plates for three people. We ate half of each. Seriously! We all were carb loading and we only got half of those plates eaten. We packed the rest up and headed home.

Saturday morning we were up and ready to run at The Pettit National Ice Arena. My first visit and it reminded me of college. Not that my college had an ice rink or that I ran in college, but you put your bags on the large bleachers around the rinks and trusted that no one would take your stuff. My college was just like that. We all had different mileages to go and run at different speeds, so we did our things and ran. I had 5 miles, which equaled 18 laps. It went well, though all the turns did make it hard on the hips. We all were walking kinda funny at the end of our runs!

After our runs, we headed home to shower. It was much needed. LOL! We all basically lazed around most of the afternoon, then got ourselves ready to head out for Kim's birthday at Screaming Tuna. It's a sushi place, which is not my thing but Kim is a good friend and checked for other options making it perfectly fine for me.

I had a very yummy Reisling and dinner was tasty. Dinner was also tasty. I was very impressed and it was HUGE!

Blackened Tilapia
blackened tilapia topped with an edamame succotash 
served with garlic mashed potatoes & seasonal vegetables

Totally recommend this place honestly. What I appreciated about it was the acceptance that not everyone is a sushi person. There were many options that were not sushi, even non fish options. 

After Screaming Tuna, we headed to Cuvee the Champaigne bar. 

See those two tables in the bottom right of the photo? That's ours. LOL! There were six of us and we just sat around trying different drinks and having lots of fun. It was lovely that Kim's friends were so inclusive and made me feel like they were my friends too. Here's a pic of Kim and I.

From Cuvee we called it a night. Kim had run 18 miles in the morning and we were all getting a tad bit sleepy. 

Sunday morning we got up and hit Trocadaro for brunch. It is one of their favorites and oh, it was yummy!

We started out with doughnuts covered in cinnamon and sugar.

Breakfast consisted of stuffed French Toast. Oh yum! I was even surprised and happy that it came with potatoes. Gotta get those carbs in! LOL!

After brunch, we decided to hit up Great Lakes Distillery for a tour. Milwukee and Wisonsin in general is known for it's breweries, so Kim thought a distillery tour would be different. And who doesn't like different? We had a blast! We had a pre-tour cocktail, then headed downstairs for the tour. It was short, but free so it was all good. Then we did the tasting where we had a chance to taste all the liquors they make. We had a really fun time with the tasting, then went back upstairs for a drink. We had no where to go, so why not?

And in typical Milwaukee fashion, we headed across the street for some Mexican

It was very tasty and we had a good time playing with the little boy at the table behind us. The food was good, the prices were really great, and it was right across the street from the distillery!

We headed home after finishing up our quick meal to crash. It had been a busy day and we decided to chill out and watch the Oscars and eat pizza.

Monday we relaxed at the house and watched tv in the morning before heading out to lunch at The Melthouse Bistro. Grilled cheese! I had a yummy thick grilled cheese made with Cheddar, apples, candied apples and chips. It was delicious!

The rest of the day had us just chilling at home watching tv. I sadly headed to the airport to come home about 5:00 p.m. My flight was at 6:50 p.m. and the Milwaukee airport was quick. I got my boarding pass at the airport, then went through security. My carry-on got searched, but I got to keep everything and I went off to my gate. Turns out we had a small flight (55/110 seats) and we would have our choice of seats. Yup. It was nice!

We arrived in Baltimore on time and I met up with hubby in baggage claim. We grabbed my bag and headed back home. With no dinner, we stopped at the diner for a bite, then we got back about 1:00 a.m.

I had a really fun time in Milwaukee with two great friends! It's always sad to have a good time end and to leave friends. But, I would rather have the memories than not.

How was your weekend? Have any fun adventures?

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