Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy 17th Dating Anniversary!

It was 1996 and I was in college. It was February and I met a boy through a friend. He seemed nice and we hit it off the night we met. We chatted a few times on the phone and saw each other once or twice. He tried asking me out to the Valentine's Dance on campus, but I had to attend a forensics tournament for class and wouldn't be back in time.

That didn't deter this boy. He asked me on a date after the dance. He asked me for February 29th, I asked if we could switch it to the 28th. I wasn't thinking that the 29th is only once every four years and I should have gone with it. I was thinking that I wanted to go home. I had my bags packed and I while I wanted to go out on a date with the boy, I wanted to cut class Friday and go home Thursday night. He agreed to the switch.

We had our first date at a restaurant called Mookies. We had a nice little table for two on a very quiet night. It was Ash Wednesday. The boy had a burger, I had a salad as I had to avoid meat. We had a really nice time. It would be the last I saw of the boy until after Spring Break.

That date would lead to many more. It would lead to spending the rest of my college years on his arm, attending movies, dances, dinners, parties, etc. It would lead to the boy moving to NJ. It would lead to a December 30th engagement. It would lead to a December 29, 2001 wedding.

So today, 17 years after the boy and I went on our first date, I say Happy Anniversary Brian! I appreciate you were willing to reschedule that date. And I look forward to going out to dinner with you at the place where we first sat down to dinner.


  1. Awww LOVE this!!! Happy 17th anniversary! What's the secret!!?? :)

    1. Not to kill each other. Makes surviving much easier. ;-) In reality, I honestly think it's just realizing that being together isn't easy and you may have bad days. Suck it up. There will be great times too, and those are the ones you have to focus on when things are rough. I'm not saying if you're being abused suck it up, but just those daily annoyances that people let get to them. If you go into it with your eyes open, willing to compromise, and wanting the best for the person you're married to you will do fine.