Sunday, February 10, 2013

What a great day!

Today has been a crazy day! Let's back up for just a few seconds. I got my January Get Out & Run medal for running 9 miles in January. I'd been wondering when it would arrive and really hoped it would be yesterday. I'm all about the bling these days.

With Snowstorm Nemo or whatever the news people were calling it, I knew we weren't to get much. I did think we would get a little bit and so didn't sweat getting up early to run my 5 miles on Saturday thinking the people where I run wouldn't have shoveled their sidewalks yet. Woke up late, no snow. Doh! All that thinking for nothing.

So it fell to today to run my 5 miles if I was going to at all. I decided since it was 5 miles, I didn't want to figure out a 5 mile course in the neighborhood I normally run in. I have a nice 3 mile course, then I run into Mt. Wolf for longer runs. 5 miles is kinda a pain to finagle. So instead I went to the park I first "learned" to run at and ran there.

When I got there, I had everything I use to run with - Nano, Road I.D., Garmin. I was all set. Until I realized Garmin wasn't charged. 5 miles with no Garmin. Oh the horror! Thank heavens my new Nano had a run function that I could use instead. Phew!

Turned on the run function on the Nano, got the radio on, and ran. In circles. Fun. As I was running I realized Garmin was about .5 miles ahead of me, which is fine since I realized this early on.

I am a run/walk/run lady. I usually run half a mile, walk a minute, repeat. Today, I guess Garmin being uncharged messed with me and I start walking at every quarter mile. I didn't realize this until I was about 3/4 of a mile into my run. But, I think this might have been a good thing. I started seeing that I was recovering and keeping my pace better with those 1/4 mile breaks rather than 1/2 mile breaks. I went with it. Why not?

Turns out that might have been the best thing ever. I was running much faster during the run portions than I remember running before. I was puffing, but that's ok. It happens. It's called running. I had to go with what the Nano said for 5 miles. I'm not 100% sure my final 5 miles are accurate, but whatever. I'm going to take it. Please check below.

So, my Nano says:

5 Mile Workout
February 10, 2013
Duration: 59:29
Start Time: 10:50 AM
Finish Time: 11:53 AM
Pace: 10'44" mi
Distance: 5.54 mi
Cals: 701

Know what that means? The first ever sub-60 minute 5 miler!!!! PR baby! And I'm now in a much better mindset for Shamrock. I still don't think I am going to PR the half, but I might PR the 8k on the Saturday. I'm thinking I can do this! I can run both races and be fine. Woohoo!

And to make this day better? My Higgy cat didn't seem good last night. He slept for more hours than I can count and when we did get him up he cried when we touched him. He was so out of it. He's almost 15 and has hyperthyroid. I was scared he wasn't going to make it through the night. This morning? He's awesome! Bounced back from whatever upset him last night and is his regular ole self!

Then! My Pooka who's legs went paralyzed last Friday took his first unassisted steps today! He walked maybe a total of 20 steps, but that's 20 more than he's taken in the last week!! He is back on the road to walking on his own. So thrilled!!

So today was a good day.


  1. Good job on your run and congrats on your PR!!! I downloaded the app runtastic on my phone and I found this is the first app that actually is accurate to the Garmin. Plus it shows a map, so if anything would happen during your run, your husband for example could track you. I use it when I run along, makes me feel safer as well.

    1. Thanks! I was really happy with my 5 miles. :) I started running outside at this park too, so it was kinda neat.

      My phone isn't cool enough for that. I have a very old Samsung Alias 2, though we may be upgrading soon. That would be cool. If we do, I'll have to keep that in mind. Thanks for the tip! I do tell him where I'm running, how many miles/how long I think it will take me, and keep my phone with me. There are so few places I feel comfortable in running locally that no matter what the distance, he will know exactly where I am. LOL!