Friday, February 8, 2013

2013 Weekly Weigh-In

My scale does  not read that. LOL!

It's Friday, the day I normally weigh-in. Last month I kinda weighed myself randomly though the month, with no rhyme or reason to the day. This month I decided to go back to my Friday weigh-ins. They've worked for me in the past, why not keep doing what's worked?
To me, at home, I take all clothes but my undies off when I weigh-in. In winter that's awful cold around these parts, especially because we have to keep the door to the bathroom closed due to cats who like to climb on the sink and knock stuff off! So, I hit the bathroom, peed, got naked (wow, this is sounding like a porno or something!), and got on the scale.
My scale is on carpet, which it shouldn't be. But, the bathrooms in my house for some reason have carpeting. They came that way when we bought it and we just haven't gotten around to changing that. So, I always weigh myself more than once just to get the same number. I figure whatever that number is, as long as I got it twice, should be close to accurate.
So, this morning, I lost close to 5 pounds from last week my first go 'round. Ummmm...can't image that's true, so back again. Second time I was down 2.5 pounds. Well...maybe. I could buy that. But, I needed that number twice. The third time showed I weighed the same as last time. That I could believe. Tried one more time and got the same weight. So, it appears I have not lost any weight in the last week...but, I haven't gained any either. To me, major accomplishment. 
Why do I say that? Well, sure I would rather lose weight than stay the same, but with my poor kitty going paralyzed in his back legs last week I wasn't making the best food choices early on. I skipped the gym Friday night and my long run Saturday. I didn't start eating well again until Tuesday and I didn't go to the gym Thursday night because I was in a foul mood. Yea...yea...I know exercise helps. For me, it would not have. I just wanted to get home before 8:00 p.m. and do nothing. And I did.
So, there ya have it. No weight change in the last week. Though there has been major Pooka improvements. He can now move both back legs, even if one isn't fully functional. He's eating and using the litter box. His tail has some movement (finally). He's trying to escape when you bring him out of the bin we're keeping him in. He responds to the touch when you squeeze his back paw. So, major improvements. He goes back to the vet for follow-up today. Fingers crossed things are going in the right direction!
When do you weigh in? Is staying the same better than gaining?      

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