Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 1 of Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon training

Today is the first day of Zooma Annapolis training for me. Yup, I'm starting training on a Friday. Call me crazy. I can take it!

This has been a recovery week from Shamrock weekend. My legs and back hurt Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, I thought I was doing good, but then I went to work. I have a fairly physical job - I work in an archives and my job is to pull the documents researchers request. Our most popular documents are death certificates, which means I pull a 40-50 pound box off a shelf, take the document out of the box, photocopy it, put it back in the box, then put the box back on the shelf. For every document I pull, I lift that box twice. I can pull anywhere from 50-100 documents a day, meaning lifting 100-200 boxes a day. When I'm on the schedule, I will be on my feet 3-6 hours (one shift a day is 3 hours, both shifts is 6 hours). I had hopes of hitting the gym tonight, but my legs were just tired. I gave in and gave myself one more rest day.

But today, today means it's a new training cycle. I have 10 weeks to get my butt in half marathon shape. Yes, technically I am in half marathon shape now, but I want to be in better half marathon shape. I want to run strong. I want to run upright. I want to weigh less. I want to PR. I have goals people. GOALS!

1. Lose 15-20 pounds. I am tired of this extra weight I've gained. I.WANT.IT.GONE.

2. Tone arms. I need to wear a tank for this race because I'm anticipating warm weather (June in the northeast = heat). Currently, not comfortable with my arms. 10 weeks of arms should make me ok with no sleeves.

3. PR. This race does not give a medal for finishing. Instead you get a necklace. That's all well and good, but that won't go well with the medals hanging on my wall currently. So, in order to get a medal I either need to make this race a Get Out & Run race through U.S. Road Running or I need to PR because they will give you a medal if you PR at their race. So, people I need a 2:51:14 half marathon. I would prefer a 2:50:00 half marathon, but if I need that extra 1:14 for a medal so be it.

Those are the biggies. I need to do a lot of work over the next 10 weeks. Here's how I'm hoping to do it:

1. Go back to the trainer once a week (30 minute session).
2. Spin class on Tuesday nights.
3. 2 30 minute weekday training runs; one with hills.
4. Long training runs on Saturday.
5. Spin or outside bike ride on Sundays.
6. Yoga video twice a week.
7. Weight train 1-2 nights a week.
8. Eat on plan 6 of 7 days a week (1,543 calories a day).
9. Implement cheat day on Saturdays.
10. Weigh in every day (I know, I know. But, to stay on track I need to do this.)
11. Use my new Gaiam FitPlan Running book to keep track of food and training.

So, 10 weeks until Zooma Annapolis. The quest for the PR is on!

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