Friday, March 8, 2013


Over the past year I've worked with a trainer at the Y. One of the first activities we did was a kettle ball toss. Being the trust worthy people they are, the kettle ball itself was missing and we used a regular weight to simulate a kettle bell. I really liked that exercise. It was one of the very first ones I actually enjoyed. Many a night I've gone to a session and hoped it was on the agenda (most nights it was not...)

Today, I saw Tribesports did a whole challenge with the kettle bell! I was psyched! I'm sharing with you because I think it's a great workout and you can easily do it, even if you don't have a kettle bell. I am very much looking forward to doing this routine. See, I went out and bought a kettle bell so I could do some at home, but then realized I had no routine. Woohoo! Now I do!

And just because I love ya'll...check out Tribesports for additional kettle bell exercises. There are a total of 95 different challenges with the kettle bell! Wish I had thought to look there before when I wondered what to do with my kettle bell except the bottom right exercise. LOL!

Do you like the kettle bell? Have you used it to get fit?


  1. I have a kettle ball but never did a work out with - Ooppsss!!!

    1. Me too! That's why I like this. It's a routine I can do that explains how to do it. I wish I had checked out Tribesports for more since there are 95 different challenges on their website for it. LOL! Probably wait until after the half next weekend so I don't injure myself. Completely possible...