Thursday, March 7, 2013

New running sneaks

Asics GT-2000 NYC
The last few weeks my shins have been a bit iffy. I've been having the feeling of shin splints coming back. I tried stretching like I'm supposed to, but nothing was working to stop the feeling. It wasn't awful and it wasn't as bad as September, but I knew it was coming.
Then I's my shoes! That's what it was last time and for some reason it didn't hit me that it was time to get new ones. It has been 6 months since my last new shoes and while I'm not a mileage hound, 6 months sure as heck is a long time when you trained for two half marathons in them. 
So, Tuesday night hubby and I hit up Fleet Feet for new shoes. I figured the night before the anticipated big snow storm we'd be the only ones there. It was packed! Apparently, everyone needed their shoes before the snow hit. LOL!
I wanted to try the new version of my last shoes and the Brooks Pure Cadence. The sales guy (who was very nice BTW) looked at me funny, but went and grabbed them both for me. I tried on the Brooks first and ohhhh...I liked them. Like really liked them. They were light. They were comfy. It almost felt like I had nothing on my feet. And then I was told I would need weeks to adjust to them. Which meant I probably shouldn't pick them up now since I have 10 races in the next 3 months. Sad. Contemplating picking them up in the fall since right now my fall race schedule is pretty light.
I then put on the new version of the Asics I got in September, which we all laughed at because they were the 2012 NYC Marathon sneaker. 



I'm not the kind to buy a pair of shoes because of a race or anything, but since no one had run this race anyway I felt like I fit right in. I'm not making fun of those who spent months training, but I thought it was kinda funny. The sales guy said they were a collector's item. Ha!

What I like about them (other than they work for my feet while running long distances) is how brightly colored they are. I've been so used to Brooks, which are kinda boring in their coloring that these are just fun! Come on, how can you not like these???

I asked the sales guy if I could adjust to these before the Shamrock Half on the 17th and he said yes. So, I'll start using them this week and next and hopefully come Shamrock weekend my feet/shins will be in good shape! :)

Do you like your running shoes? Ever try something new just to see if you will like them? Any thoughts on the Brooks Pure Cadence?



  1. Ohhh LOVE them! I'm addicted to running shoes and would like to buy every pair possible! The funny thing is, I usually hate shoe shopping. I have 2-3 regular shoes for work and probably 5-7 pairs of running shoes :)

    1. Too funny! I don't mind shoe shopping, but I'm the kind of person that generally knows what I want, goes down the aisle with my size, and moves on if they don't have what I want. It's one of the few things I can be strategic about in shopping. LOL! I need new black shoes for work. This will take forever!