Monday, March 11, 2013

Motivational Monday

What did you do today to bring you one step closer to your goal?

This is what I need to focus on for the next 5-6 days. I ran the Kelly St. Patrick's Day 5k yesterday and it made me realize how many bad choices I've made over the past few months. Sadly, they will all come back to haunt me this coming weekend at the Shamrock 8k and Shamrock Half Marathon.

With that being said, I know what I need to do this week to prepare me for the weekend. I need to up my water. I need to up my protein. I need to up my vegetables. I need to up my fruit. I need to up my carbs later in the week. I am working on that. I am writing out what I need to eat and just focusing on adding in water. I'm so bad at that. 

I know I didn't take the necessary steps to make Shamrock the awesome weekend it was for me last year. I will spend the week mourning that because I really had high hopes for another great weekend this year. It's ok. I didn't take those steps, but I know I can take those steps necessary to make the weekend positive. It's a learning process. I know the steps to take this week to be prepared even if the weekend results aren't what I had hoped.

And those steps I take this week will carry over. I need these steps to ingrain themselves into my routine so that Zooma Annapolis is an awesome weekend.

What steps are you taking today to help you reach your goal? Have you taken some steps backwards? Step forward towards those goals. Make today the day you take that first step! 


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