Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Recap

March was all about the Shamrock 8k and Half Marathon. I won't deny it. Big races always take my attention from everything else. And that explains why for another month the goals just didn't really get accomplished.

This month I would like to:
Finish job application
Lose 5 pounds
Finish Philadelphia influenza newspaper articles

But I'm really hoping to:
Lose 7 pounds
Attend piyo class
Clean the bedroom

Run: 42 miles
Bike: 48 miles

What did I accomplish? I finished the Philadelphia influenza newspaper articles. Finally! I have been working my way through them for months. I was so excited when I finally got through all 380 articles. Now I can move onto other cities and other topics pertinent to my research.

I ran 39 of 42 miles. I would have reached the 42 mile goal this month if I hadn't had pain in my calf over the last weekend of the month. I had 5 miles scheduled, which would have put me at 44 for the month, but I was advised not to run while I had the pain. So, 39 of 42 but I'm not going to be too down on myself about it since I missed it due to injury. Not much I can do about that.

Other than that, I missed all my goals. After the half marathon I lost motivation. I did not bounce back physically as I thought I would. Most of me came back, except for the spot where the legs meet the butt. For some reason that area stayed sore for much longer. It's just coming around now. And then I had that pesky three day calf strain. That wasn't helpful with running.

I'll be honest. I kinda forgot about the clean the bedroom goal. This goes to show that if you don't have that reminder in front of you, you forget what you want to accomplish. So, this month is to focus on one meal at a time, rearrange workouts to reflect the strenuousness of my job, research on my book, and ZOOMA ANNAPOLIS TRAINING!!!

April's plan hasn't been written yet, but when it is I will be sharing. Accountability is important and that's part of the April goals.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Apparently this year is a work in progress. LOL!

  2. Great goals! I tend to be consumed by big upcoming races too!

    1. Yea. I didn't realize how much Shamrock would dominate the month. Must be careful of that for my next half in June. I don't want to lose weeks of general training/eating because of one race.