Monday, April 1, 2013

Motivational Monday

That voice inside your head that's saying you can't is a liar.

That voice is loud in my head. I tend to believe it too. I believe it when it tells me I'm injured. I believe it when I have to have that snack. I believe it when it says I'm tired. I believe it when it says you got up too late, exercise tomorrow. I believe it when it tells me you can't.

I am very lucky in that I have many friends who tell me all the time that the voice inside my head is a liar. They believe in me. They tell me I can. They have no doubt that if I want to do it, I can do it. How I am so lucky is beyond me. 

My husband always think's I can do whatever I want to do - run a 5k? Yup. Run an 8k? Yup. Run a half marathon? Yup. Finish a Spartan Race? Yup. Earn a Master's Degree? Yup. Research and write a book? Yup

My running guru believed in my ability long before I did. She swore I could run before I even thought it was something I could do. She believes I can run a race at any level. She convinced me it was a good idea to run my first 8k (Briggs and Al's Run & Walk in Milwaukee, WI with her...well...same race, finished long after she did. I could hear her voice yelling for me at the finish though!). She convinced me that I could run a half. She keeps asking when I'm running a full marathon. Silly girl. That may never happen, but she believes I really can run one. She also believes in my writing a book dream too. She's cool that way.

I have lots of friends who constantly tell me I can reach my goals. I have my college roommate who always cheers me on even when I have a bad run/day. She's such a doll! I have another friend who I met on-line that checks in and reminds me to stay on track. This lovely lady has recently started participating in fitness competitions and has such determination and will power. She is amazing really.

So, while I believe the liar inside my head, they don't. They continuously do their level best to counteract that voice telling me I'm not fast enough, I'm not important enough, I'm not smart enough. Sometimes that voice is hard to drown out, but having the right people around you sure helps!

Do you have those special people who help quite the liar inside? Do you believe the liar or do you ignore it?


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