Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nominated for a Leibster Award!

I've been writing on this little ole blog for about six and a half years now. It started out with just my ramblings and slowly started to focus more and more on running, healthy eating, racing, and trying to improve myself. Over the past few months, thanks to 13 in 2013 and just trying to be more out there, I've picked up a wider readership. I so appreciate that!

I am completely honored to share that Lauren at Breathe Deeply and Smile nominated me for a Leibster Award! I'm pretty excited about this. Thank you Lauren!

There are a few rules that accompany the award:

Rules for the Liebster Award
  • Write 11 random facts about yourself. 
  • Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you.
  • Create 11 new questions.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and mention them in your post.
  • Thank the person that nominated you and tell the people you’ve nominated.
So without further ado, here we go!

11 Random Facts About Me

1. I'm a Jersey girl born and bred. I grew up in NJ, but moved away in 2006 when hubby and I moved to Central PA. I still have Jersey tendancies though. :)

2. I played softball in middle school. I started off at short stop, then moved onto third base. I got drafted to play catcher at an all-start game (that I actually wasn't supposed to be in) and became a catcher for the rest of my 5 year softball career.

3. I have family in England. My Grandmother was a war bride in WWII and married my grandfather, leaving her mother and step-brother and coming to America. I have a fantastic family in the UK and have just been recently back in touch with them! Gotta love Facebook!

4. I am addicted to BBCAmerica and PBS right now! I love Dr. Who, Ripper Street, Copper, and Whitechapel on BBCAmerica. I've also been watching Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife, and Mr. Selfridge. Anyone else?

5. I met my husband in college. We dated for four years and were engaged for two. So far, we've been married 11 years. In a couple years, I will have known hubby half my life. Crazy!

6. My two favorite Disney characters are Cinderella and Stitch. Yup. That matches, huh? Apparently, I like characters in blue. When I ran my first half marathon at the Disney Princess in 2011, I picked Cinderella as my princess.

7. I'm an introvert. Many who know me disagree, but when it comes to new situations/new people I get very nervous and very worried. I would rather sit at home with a good book/tv show/movie than meet people I don't know or be in a situation I'm unfamiliar with.

8. I could spend a fortune in a book store. I love to read and there is nothing better than sitting on the sofa with a good book. I enjoy history, biography, fantasy, romance (usually historical), suspense, horror, trivia, and sport/running.

9. I can't watch horror movies. They completely freak me out. Seriously. I can so imagine everything happening in real life. No matter what the storyline or how outrageous, my imagination thinks it could really happen to me.

10. I love to travel. As a child I did not travel much, but wished we did. Now that I'm an adult, I take every chance I can to go places. I've been to Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice), France (Paris, Versailles), Great Britain (London, Northampton), Canada (Niagara, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Toronto, Montreal), and Jamaica (Ochos Rios, Negril). I've been to Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, North Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Nevada.

11. I love Twinkees. I was devastated when they stopped being made. I know. I know. Tragedy. I only allowed myself 2-3 packages (2 packs) a year, but I looked forward to them all the same. Hoping that they come back...

11 Questions from Lauren

1. What is your favorite comfort food? Pizza or dessert. Either one is fine with me and they are my go-to foods when I'm upset/freaked out/sad/etc.
2. When's your favorite time to workout? After work/end of the day, unless on the weekend. I usually go to the gym after work because I'm not a morning person. But, on Saturdays I want my long run done early so I can enjoy the rest of my day.
3. Where is the most relaxing place to be? Cheaply, home. It's where I feel most comfortable. If I'm going somewhere, I would say the woods. I've had a couple of experiences of calmness while being outside in the woods. It was a wonderful feeling.
4. What are you most excited for this summer? Not sure yet. Working on a vacation plan, but nothing set in stone yet. Other than that, wearing flip flops, enjoying outdoor dining, going to baseball games, and possible hitting the beach. Just the basics of summer. My winter wasn't too bad, but it was cold. I'm all for enjoying the outdoors this summer!
5. What is your favorite breakfast food? Oh boy. I'd have to say pancakes or waffles. If we're going to be specific, one of my favorite breakfasts was the Banana Stuffed French Toast I had at Couples Swept Away in Jamaica. O.M.G. Amazing!
6. If you could take a trip anywhere today, where would you go? Oh wow. This is tough! There are so many places I wish to go. Since it's make believe and I don't have to worry about money I'll go with the Australia/New Zealand route Why not? It's a cool place and would be incredible to see. If safety wasn't an issue, Morocco. Always wanted to go. Not sure why, but ever since I was a little kid I thought it would be an awesome place to go.
7. What is your biggest blogging pet peeve? There is only one blog that bugs me with this, but really. The person wrote a book and every post they mention the book and links to Amazon. If I get my book written, sure I'll share it here, but wouldn't mention it every.single.post.
8. What is your favorite workout outfit? Black pants and my purple and yellow Fila shirt. The outfit changes constantly, but right now that's my favorite.
9. How many times of day do you check your email inbox? Too often! LOL! If I'm not at work, I check it multiple times a day. When I'm at work, only a couple times - once in the morning before I leave and a couple times in the evening after work/gym.
10. What is your favorite fitness DVD or exercise class? I love cardio kickboxing when I go to a class. I don't often go anymore, but I do like that class. I get a complete workout in and I'm exhausted by the end.
11. (Clearly the most important) what is your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt flavor? Before I couldn't eat ice cream anymore, my favorite was Oatmeal Cookie. Oh so good! Now that I have a weird food allergy to ice cream, I'm trying to find something that works. I can do frozen yogurt and the best one I've had was a pumpkin frozen yogurt with gingersnaps mixed in. O.M.G. Incredible!
 Create 11 new questions
1. Why did you decided to start running?
2. What is your favorite running song, either right now or all time?
3. What is your favorite race bling - either you own or covet?
4. What is your fantasy race? Doesn't have to exist. If you could design a race, what would it be like?
5. What is your favorite way to slack off?
6. What was your best race experience? Doesn't have to be PR, could be anything.
7. What is your favorite movie?
8. If you could participate in any race in the world, all expenses paid, which race would it be?
9. Other than running, what sport(s) do you like? 
10. What's one thing about running that you don't like?
11. If you could have any career in the world, what would it be? And no winning the lottery!   
 Nominate 11 bloggers and mention them in your post.
1. Running While Chunky - Sorry I don't know your name! I just love reading your blog posts and your spirit!
2. Jess Runs Jess 
5. Dream BIG Runner Christine
7. Earn Your Donuts Brian 
Well, fail here. I follow a lot of big bloggers who have tons of followers. Apparently, I need to find more blogs of up-and-comers. I'm open to suggestions! Tell me who I should be following and who I should add to the above list. I've apparently got four more spots to fill.


  1. It was really hard for me to pick people who weren't big bloggers too! I love pumpkin frozen yogurt too. It's a seasonal flavor at my local froyo shop, but it tastes just like pumpkin pie! Btw, I saw that TastyKakes (Philly snack represent!) came out with a knockoff twinkie called Dreamies so the snack lives on!

  2. Glad I am not alone on the finding smaller bloggers! It's easy to follow the bigger ones since everyone does. Trying to grow readership isn't easy!

    LOVE almost everything pumpkin! I have a pumpkin spice perfume I wear in the fall. LOL! It always makes me think fall is here.

    I have had the Dreamsciles or whatever they are called. My self-imposed denial was a bad idea. Going to enjoy the replacement though!

  3. Pumpkin frozen yogurt with ginger snaps, yum!

  4. Oh yes, pumpkin frozen yogurt with ginger snaps is totally yum! Highly recommend!

  5. Thanks for the nomination!!!! I hope I get a chance to write this post over the weekend. Traveling is the best! Italy is one of my favorites!

  6. You're welcome Christine! :) I love traveling. I wish I could win the lottery so I could do it all the time!