Thursday, April 25, 2013

And I'm logging food and exercise again...

Last year I ran the Sole of the City 10k with hubby. We had a fun time running through Baltimore and we had a fun post-race party time with friends. We even took a pic pre-race:

This year we did our self-portrait in the parking garage. Yea...yea...We were cold and tired.

You can't tell too much from this photo, but I am much bigger than I was last year. I noticed it in the race photos. Ugh. Awful. So awful that I have finally figured out what I need to get my ass in gear. Yes. I do not want photographs of me looking like that anymore. It's awful. Did I say that already?

Last August, while in Las Vegas I looked like this:

And now?

How about a closer comparison?

Shamrock 2013
Shamrock 2012
I want to get back to what I was in August of 2012. Then I want to lose 12 more pounds. Because yes, I was 12 pounds away from my goal before gaining about 20 pounds in 8 months. I'm annoyed with myself. It's frustrating and sad. But, today's Sole of the City 10k photos made me see myself for what I really look like right now. It's not pretty...