Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekly Recap

Years ago hubby and I bought two monthly calendars to keep in the kitchen to keep track of what we had scheduled. Believe it or not, even without kids our schedules can be hectic. Then the hangers on the back of them broke and they have been put by the wayside.

So, last week I decided to play with it and use it as my weekly diet and exercise board. I wrote each day across the top, meal/exercise along the side, and then filled in the details. I had tried this the week before, but I didn't lay out meals ahead of time. This week I wrote out everything but snacks. And honestly, I did pretty well. I wasn't perfect, but I was better than the week before.

What I noticed right off the bat was without planning my snacks, they were awful. Not all of them, but the majority of them. I didn't think they would be a big deal, but I was wrong. Oh so wrong. I did well at keeping with my planned meals, though I added a bit of fruit later in the week I didn't have at the beginning. I'll say that was more a positive than a negative. I kept up with most of my workouts, though the last two days got skipped. Gotta keep the momentum throughout the week.

This week I'm going to try again. I will plan out my snacks this time around though. Hopefully this week will be a tad bit more successful than last and I'm narrowing in on what will help me get in shape and reach my goal weight.

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