Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nutrition Confusion

Alright. I've been working (not always successfully) on my diet. I have always struggled with what I eat. It's been my Achilles heel for as long as I can remember. I have food issues, always have. Do you know what I don't eat?


I will say, I do eat:

Ground Beef, Turkey, Bison
Bacon (yea...yea...)
Whitefish (including Salmon)

My question on nutrition is this. In everything I read, it states that you should eat x number of calories a day to lose weight. I get that. Eat too much, gain weight. Cut the number of calories without going too low, you lose. One thing you always hear is you can eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want because they are healthy and of course, Americans don't eat as many as they should. But, don't they have calories too? I know they may not have many calories, but there are still calories to consider. Can I eat as many as I want in a day? Do I count them against my x number of calories? Or do I get x number of calories a day, plus fruits and vegetables? I'm very confused.

Can you please help me? I need someone to clear this up!


  1. Hi Chris,
    I've been stalking your blog for a while I think the "eat all the fruits and vegetables you want without counting them" thing comes from the latest Weight Watchers plan. F/V are zero points now when all fruits and some veggies had points in the past.

    The premise behind eating lots of f/v is they have lots of fiber that fill you up with a very low calorie count. Try counting your f/v against your daily count - I think you'll be surprised at how low they are vs. most things we snack on (chocolate, chips, etc.). Hope this helps!

    1. Kathy, thanks for commenting! It's so good to know someone reads my ramblings. :)

      I have heard to eat as much fruits/vegetables outside of the WW program. That's what I'm so confused over. I'm going to try just eating fruits/veggies and see what happens. They are healthy. If I eat them, maybe I won't be hungry for the crap. Maybe? Hopefully?