Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring Celebration Virtual 5k

It's been a while since I signed up to participate in this virtual 5k. You may remember me posting about it before. Tonight, I hit the roads to run this great race supporting Jersey Rising. How could I not being the Jersey Girl that I am?

I hit the road after hubby left to go to the gym. I parked the car and it seemed overcast. Apparently, it had rained a bit earlier in the day because the driveway looked wet. I went to my normal running area and started out. I felt pretty good and the temps were nice. When Garmin went off at 1/2 mile, I was 5:43. Huh. I wasn't expecting that. I felt like I was running hard, but not that hard! Then mile 1 came up and I ran 11:59. Still faster than I expected. What the heck? My 1.5 mile time came up at 18:42. Alright, this isn't good. Definitely going out too fast. I haven't run those times in ages. Then mile 2 and 24:50. Crap.

And I was right. I died the last 1.1 miles. My stomach started to hurt, which didn't help. And I finished this lovely run at 40:23. Yea, a final mile of 16 minutes. I did think of bailing on the run since I didn't feel well, but it was for my beloved Jersey and Jersey Girls don't do that. So, even though that was an awful 5k for me, I did it.

And soon I will get one of these beauties!

I believe there are still spaces available if you're interested in helping the victims of Super Storm Sandy and picking up a cool medal! Check it out here.

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