Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trying to stay healthy!

In less than five days, I'll be running my sixth half marathon. Eep! The weather looks to be hot, which is what I feared when I signed up. On the bright side, no rain. Though maybe rain would be welcome...

Anyway...two weeks ago, one of my co-workers was sick. Some upper respiratory thing. I work with him closely at random times during the day. I did my best to keep my distance. I didn't want to get sick three weeks out from race day.

Last week, another co-worker was sick. He just came back from two weeks in France and caught some bug. Lovely, international germs. I did my best to avoid him and he did his best to stay away. So far, so good.

Then yesterday, hubby got sick. It seems to me like he caught a stomach flu bug of some sort. He had stomach issues yesterday, then it turned into aches and a fever last night into today. He's been on the sofa since mid-day yesterday. He even called out of work! He never does this because he works from home. Usually he doesn't see the point. Today, he did.

So, here I sit trying to help him feel better and praying that I don't catch whatever it is hubby has. I'm hoping there is no incubation period that come Saturday morning I can't run. Hoping I can keep up what health I have until then. I've been lots of time training (though not as many as I should have...) to DNS because of illness!

Any suggestions? How to stay healthy when everyone around you is falling ill?


  1. Step 1 - Get bubble
    Step 2 - Get in it
    Step 3 - Stay healthy

    Be well!

  2. LOL! Everyone says I should have a bubble. :) Maybe I really should get one.