Tuesday, June 25, 2013

40 Pound Challenge: Week 2

Week 2 of the challenge down! There was a bit of improvement this week, but the weekend was not as good as I hoped (well, in terms of yummy food, it was great! In terms of being on track, it wasn't the best). There is room for improvement there.

As a reminder, here are my daily goals:

increase my protein levels (approximately 79 g per day) 
eat approximately 1500 cals per day 
work out 3-4 days a week
Day 8/June 18, 2013
* Under calories (-117)
* Under protein (-8)
* No workout - just bailed, should have been lifting & 30 minute cardio

Day 9/June 19, 2013
* Under calories (-165)
* Under protein (-38)
* 30 minute TRX (250 cals/approximate)
* 30 minute stationary bike (6.3 miles/300 cals approximate)

Day 10/June 20, 2013
* Ate well for breakfast and lunch. Went out to dinner and the healthy option wasn't available. Ate worse than I wanted to.
* Met out-of-town friends for dinner, no workout

Day 11/June 21, 2013
* Ate well until dinner, then rather than eating in went out
* No exercise

Day 11/June 22, 2013
* Breakfast was ok, but dinner was awful (The Cheesecake Factory)
* No workout (intentional, 5k Sunday morning)

Day 12/June 23, 2013
* Ate a large brunch, then dinner was on track
* Ran the Baltimore Women's Classic 5k

Day 13/June 24, 2013
* Under calories (-228)
* Under protein (-51 - ate a very vegetarian dinner, very little protein)
* 30 minutes of TRX (250 cals/approximate)
* 35 minutes stationary bike (8 miles/477 cals approximately)

For the week that means (somehow) I am down 1.4 pounds this week. Not sure how that happened, but I'll take it. I would like to say I'm disappointed I didn't reach my goal of the next 10 pound range, but while I kinda am, I know I didn't do what I needed to so to get there. It's my own fault. I ate a few too many nights out, skipped a few too many workouts.

This week I'm going to set goals. I didn't do that last week. Maybe this will help keep me on track.

2. Be at 1500 calories 6 out of 7 days.
3. Reach 79 g of protein 2 out of 7 days. (In two weeks, I've done this once)
4. Workout 4 out of 7 days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Monday)
5. Reach the next 10 pound weight range.

There you have it. I'm down a total of 4.2 pounds in 2 weeks. Had hoped for just a tiny bit more, but I'm still down. I'll be happy with that. I'm a tad bit behind schedule (I wanted to be 6 pounds down by now), but the being down rather than up should be more important. Maybe I won't completely hit 40 pounds by Nov. 11th, but I will be down and that's what matters.

Here's to a successful Week 3!

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