Monday, June 24, 2013

Motivational Monday

Most people don't have a problem with doubt,
they have a problem with faith.

How true is this? How often do we doubt our abilities? How often do we doubt our success? How often do we doubt we have the strength to follow through on whatever we are seeking to accomplish? I know I doubt much more than I have faith. 

I know that I often set a goal, then doubt I will truly reach it. I doubt I have the skills. I doubt I have the commitment. I doubt I can do it.

What we need is a little faith (isn't that a song???). It's true. We have to believe we can do something before we can do it. We have to call upon those times we accomplished something - got an A on that tough test, made the softball team, got the internship we wanted, graduated high school/college/grad school, got the job we really wanted, ran that race, fund raised for a cause close to our hearts, you name it. How many times have we been successful at something and we dismiss it? Maybe it was luck, maybe we were having a good We had the skills and talents to deserve whatever goodness came our way. Remember that! Have faith that what you want to accomplish can be accomplished! It may take longer than you thought. You might hit bumps along the road, but let those shock absorbers do their job and keep going! Keep the faith and it's just a matter of time before our goals will be our successes!

Do you sometimes lose faith? List one thing you succeeded at that you doubted you could, then REMEMBER IT next time you doubt you can reach your next goal! 

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