Thursday, June 6, 2013

May Books

Here we go again! It is time to see what I've been reading in the month of May. Apparently reading was not high on my priority list! Wow. Just five books. I'm a little surprised. But, I'll be honest, I've been reading a book by the bed for the past few months and I think that has distracted me from other books.

So without further ado, here are my five books from May:

1. Coralina by Anica Valle

2. Just Evil by Vickie McKeehan

3. Get Off Your Ass And Run by Ruth Field

4. Zombie, Inc. by Christine Dougherty

5. Married By Midnight by Julianne MacLean

Alright, here's a first. I've already reviewed one of the books on this list. Yea. I was so disappointed in one of these books that I've already done a review. So, rather than giving you another discussion of Get Off Your Ass And Run you can just check it out here. It's much more in depth than these posts. Let's just say I have some fundamental disagreements with the author. 

So, if we take that book out of the equation, the rest of them weren't half bad. I really liked Just Evil and Zombie, Inc. Those two I would highly recommend. And honestly, there isn't anything wrong per se with Coralina and Married By Midnight.

Just Evil
When I was younger, I used to read these suspense/horror books all the time. I can't do movies at all. But, horror books? Bring it! The premise of the book is someone is killing people who are close to Kit Griffin, a woman whose mother was a famous movie actress living in Beverly Hills. Their relationship is almost non-existent, so when her mother is killed on Mother's Day, the police immediately question the daughter after speaking to Alana Griffin's lawyer and best friend. What happens next is a killing spree involving those close to Kit, bringing her more and more under the eyes of the police as she tries desperately to clear her name.

Helping Kit to clear her name are her aunt Gloria, her best friend Baylee, and the man she'd been in love with since she was a teen Jake. These three people will be the ones working to assist Kit convince a pair of detectives that Kit couldn't have been the murderer, but can they convince the police of this before the killer reaches Kit?

A fun read, with lots of twists and turns. Multiple characters who are fairly well drawn out. The only downside to this one is I didn't realize it was part of a series (three all together) and there are some loose ends that aren't completely tied up at the end. Other than that, the book does a good job of tying up the important story lines by the end.

Zombie, Inc.
What would life be like years after the zombie apocalypse? How do the survivors keep going? Apparently, by starting a company that assists survivors with keeping the zombies at bay. But, is the company keeping zombies at bay because they are truly a menace to society or are they marketing zombies to a public that knows no different? This is the premise of Zombie, Inc.

Carl works for Zombie, Inc. and has for years. He is currently on his third trainee Dillalia, as last two died through various issues. Dillalia is all alone after her mother was killed early on in the zombie apocalypse and her father being killed when she was in her teens. For years, she worked for Zombie, Inc. in maintenance, but always dreamed of moving up. Working in Assessment was exactly what she hoped for...or was it?

Dillalia brings up questions that Carl doesn't want to answer, such as where are all the zombies coming from? How are there are always zombies available for R&D to find new methods of keeping the public safe? In working these problems out, Carl and Dillalia find out the answers they weren't sure they really wanted to know.

Another fun read, especially if you like zombie books. What I liked about this book so much is it is set in the future of the zombie apocalypse rather than the immediate aftermath. There aren't many books that look into what the future could be like if people survived. An interesting read, that makes you wonder whether zombies should have rights or treated like criminals in the post-zombie world.

Coralina is the prettiest of the king's nine adopted daughters. She is spoiled and knows it. And when a local townsman bops her love interest in the head knocking him out and slinging her over his shoulder to be dragged back into the house after slipping out for a little adventure, she vows revenge against him. And she uses the only thing she knows, her looks.

Coralina plans to use her upcoming theater production, with the whole town in attendance, to show him up. But, in the process Coralina may have just lost her interest in revenge. Unfortunately, this change of heart may not have come quickly enough.

The storyline was interesting and there is a nice twist I wasn't expecting. Again, (and this is my fault) this book is part of a series that tells the story of each of the king's daughters. Coralina's story is told in its entirety, but there are hints of her sister's stories to prompt you to read the rest of the series. If you can also get them for free, it's a quick, but entertaining read.

Married by Midnight
A typical romance story - girl shames herself by running off with her tutor to be married, but is caught before doing so. Fiance takes the money offered by girl's father not to marry her, but her reputation is in ruins and is sent off to care for an ailing grandmother. A Lord threatens to donate all his money to charity if his sons do not marry by midnight on Christmas and while three of the four do so, finding their loves along the way, the fourth wayward son drags his feet. Eventually he agrees, but only after telling his brothers to find him a suitable bride - one who would not anticipate a traditional wedding and will be happy to allow him to leave her to continue his life abroad.

Unfortunately, these two who agree to abide by the contract are drawn to one another. As the weeks go by while preparing for the wedding, they start questioning the contract they signed wondering if they might be right for one another. Will they marry before Midnight, saving everyone's inheritance from going to charity or will they find they don't fit together?

I enjoyed this one and it was the perfect mindless read. The characters were entertaining and a nice little plot twist in the end made it interesting. It is a great beach read, even if the story is set at Christmas.

So, there ya go! This month's books with a bit more detail than usual. I think there may be more books in June for some reason. Who knows, but hope you enjoyed the review this month.

What have you been reading? Anything you'd recommend? Anything you were surprised with?

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