Thursday, June 20, 2013

What was I thinking???

This is my YMCA TRX class space. I workout allllllllll the way in the back left.

Well, my TRX classes end soon. I think next week, but not sure. We missed a Monday for Memorial Day and I think we're making it up. Not sure. But, tonight I stopped off at the front desk and (gulp) signed up for the next 6 weeks of TRX classes. I'll miss one due to a trip to AC, but eh. It's summer. Can't make em all.

But, I've discovered I really like it. I'm not buff (yet), but I do think my arms have better definition than they did. They're still a bit flabby, but that's diet. Trying to get that under control now. One of the girls in the class believes she can see a difference in her abs. Sadly, I cannot. :-( But, as I said, that's partly from my diet issues.

The thing that surprises me most is that A. I haven't fallen! I swore at some point I would get tangled in those cords and either fall doing what the gentleman above is doing or I'd do something stupid with my feet in the straps.and fall on my face. So far, so good! B. That I'm getting better! I know that sounds stupid, but I honestly wasn't sure I would see a difference in my ability in just 6 weeks. But, I have! I have issues doing things that I have to lower myself using my arms (i.e. push-ups). While I'm not great at them, I have noticed the exercises where we lower ourselves downward have gotten easier. I can actually bring my head all the way down to the handles now, whereas when I started I could barely get to my elbows. Improvement!

So, another 6 weeks of TRX. Hopefully this session will coincide with a better diet and we'll see some weight loss as well as muscle definition!

What classes are you taking? Are you moving indoors to classes now that the weather is warming up?


  1. Oh goodness. ..I would have the same worries as you! You're rockin' it, girl! Good for you for signing up for more!

  2. Thanks friend! Honestly, I do like it. Which makes me wonder about myself. LOL! I never would have thought that about myself. :)