Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Some great people out there!

Lately, I've been struggling. It's not been pretty up in my head lately. All sorts of thoughts swirling around that have lead me to spiral into weird places I didn't necessarily want to go. How in heaven's name I lost weight last week is a mystery to me honestly. For me, this journey is a mental game. One that I lose often.

But, when I decided to really focus on my blog and my goals this year, I added a Twitter account to it (you can follow me right there...just under my signature...go ahead! All the cool kids are doing it!) thinking it would be fun to share my journey and follow others. I've shared my blog posts, participated in Twitter chats, found people to follow, and have learned all sorts of good stuff from what other's have shared.

The one thing that I didn't realize I would do is find people to chat with who have been soooo encouraging. They have given me advice, told me they had faith in me accomplishing my goals, and I may be meeting up with some of these fabulous people in the future. I am so thankful for these fantastic people! I am honored that they decided to make that first friendly move to help me, someone they didn't know.

To thank them for being so sweet and kind, go ahead and follow them on Twitter or check out their blog!

Paula Horn - @rphorn93
@BackatSquare0 - Back At Square Zero
Meghen R - @MegRoach - MegRoach06
RunStretchGo - @cldem - Run Stretch Go
Clarinda - @enjoythecourse - Enjoying the Course
Karen - @cinderella_runs - Cinderella's Running Shoes
Simone - @sparrowsbarmaid - Your Pace or Mine Blog
Joy Runs - @Vegan_Joy
Kelley - @SheisonaRUN - She is on a run
TooCuteRunner - @TooCuteRunner - Too Cute Runner
Emma - @Amomruns - A Mom Runs This Town
Kimberely - @RunningKimmey
Workaholic - @runningwolf44

Wow. I didn't realize how many people it was until I did that. These people are amazing! Follow them! Read their blogs! I am so happy to have their support. It is amazing how their kind words have turned many of my struggles around this past week.

Who do you follow that deserves some recognition? Do you have any blogs you want everyone to know about?


  1. That's the best part about blogging! I had the chance to meet 2 blog readers and both times it felt like we are long friends!

  2. I've met several people I met on-line in-person and they are some of my favorite people! It's so great to be able to find people we wouldn't have without the internet. :-)