Friday, September 6, 2013

Good back to what worked

Hello new favorite running shoes!

I went out for a run a few weeks ago and for three days my shins were killing me! As much as I hated to admit it, my running shoes were shot. I've run in Asics for the last year, but you know what? They just didn't feel right.

I went to our local running store tonight for a new pair and I went back to my first shoes, the Brooks Adrenaline. Those beauties right up there. The running gods are with me because green is my favorite color and every other pair of Brooks Adrenalines I've ever wore were blue. Yea! I will be taking them out for their first run on Saturday. I'm actually excited about that. LOL!

The other big news is I bit the bullet and paid for a running coach, or at least someone who will write me up a training plan for the next several months. The person was recommended by a local runner and it seemed reasonable price wise. Looking forward to see what they put together and what I'll be getting myself into. More to come on this!

What running shoes do you use? What was your most recent running purchase? Are you excited for cooler weather for your runs? I AM!!!


  1. I wore Saucony Shadow 6000s for years, they were a classic that has now been discontinued. Still looking for a new favorite. With my size 5 feet it's a challenge!

    1. Oh my yes! There was a girl trying on shoes last night while I was and she was a 5.5. They had one pair of shoes that she could try on in her size. The rest were size 6. I felt bad for her. I use an insert, so I have the humungous shoe size of 9. LOL! Normally, I wear a 7.5.

      Hope you find a shoe you love soon!!!