Monday, October 21, 2013

Motivational Monday

Sometimes it is not enough to do our best,
we must do what is required.
~ Winston Churchill ~

Yesterday, I read this on Twitter and it hit home. I say all the time I am trying my best to eat healthy and workout, but my best is easy to stray from. It's also easy to say my best may not be enough. I may not have it in me to to reach my goal with my best.

But, if I think about what is required to succeed, well that's a whole 'nother story. I know what's required for me to lose weight, to run strong, to tone up. That's easy
  • eat less crap, eat more healthy foods
  • work on core, work on speed work, stretches
  • lift
If I focus on what's required to reach my goals rather than looking at my goals as something I can finagle to fit my definition of best, I can finagle to fit into what I want to do, then I may have a better chance of success. 

Because yea...that's been successful so far. What I consider my best hasn't been...then again, I can acknowledge I haven't been giving my best lately. I'm caught in a downward spiral cycle where I'm frustrated over my weight gain/hip pain, so I eat to feel better about myself. But, what happens? I gain weight and feel even worse.

But, I can recognize what is required to lose weight, run strong, tone up. If I focus on it being a requirement - like wearing my seat belt when driving, turning off the lights when leaving a room, and wearing deodorant daily, then I can do it. I'm good at following the rules. And at this point, my best isn't cutting it, but following the rules? Yup. That I can do.

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