Sunday, November 24, 2013

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge: Week 1

Well, week 1 of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge is in the books. How did it go? Well...mixed. There were several days where I rocked it! I was psyched and totally into it. Then there were days where things didn't go so well and I wondered if I wasted my money when I signed up. But, here we are, the end of week 1 and I'm talking about it as if there will be a week 2, so that's something.

I tried to focus most of the week on water in-take, freggies (fruit/vegetables), and exercise but, honestly more the first two. It's stuff that I struggle with and one of the reasons I signed up for the challenge to make these items forefront in my mind. Did it help? I got 4 out of 7 days of my full 64 oz. of water. That's not bad. Sadly, I only got 2 out of 7 days with freggies. They are just hard for me to do! But, it's called a challenge for a reason, right?

What is discouraging to me (me and NO ONE else) is seeing the number of people sharing their workouts. There was someone who took the day off to go for a run, yoga, and take two classes. Wha?!?! Who DOES that? My workouts seem pitiful next to that! Honestly, it is discouraging rather than encouraging to me to see people working out for hours a day. I try to work out, but not to that extent. That's one of the reasons the end of the week was worse than the beginning. I started to see these types of workouts and I started to think how out of my league I am. It's disheartening.

Then today, I plugged in my points for the week. I figured everyone would have these huge numbers and my 25.5 points would be laughable. What I saw was many people with similar numbers to mine, maybe a couple more or a couple fewer, but right in my general range. Sure, there were those off-the-charts people who must have been the ones posting about their multiple workout days, but they weren't as many of those as there were numbers like mine. I felt better. I realized that I'm not alone in what I can accomplish.

So where does that leave me? It leaves me wanting to do better than than 25.5 number this week. I want to earn more points than I did this week. I want to up the days I got all my freggies in. I want to earn a few more exercise points than last week. I want to improve my water in-take. And I think that's what this whole challenge is anyway. A chance to improve yourself. A chance to learn your weaknesses and change them around. Here's to next week and higher points earned!

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