Monday, December 23, 2013

Motivational Monday

To be must let go of all the negative beliefs, emotions, things, and people which are holding you back in life.

This is something I have realized last month. So, having figured this out, I am trying to determine all the things that are negative that are stressing me out and keeping me from being happy. Some things were easy to figure out, others were not. I'm not done with this process, but I have started it, which to me is a good start. Maybe this isn't a once and done kinda thing. Maybe it's a life-long process. So, I keep going, keep finding the things that I struggle with so I can find solutions.

Sadly, I believe this process has cost me someone I believed was a good friend. Someone I turned to to confide in, someone who made me laugh, someone I had supported through many big changes in her life. I felt we had grown apart and didn't know why, so I sent an email (because she hates talking on the phone) telling her my work on getting happy and wanting to confirm our friendship because she is important to me. Instead of a response to me, I saw two vague social media responses that I knew were directed at me. It's been a week and I still have no direct response to me.

It was painful to see both the two social media comments and to have no actual response to me email. It honestly hurt to the point where I have cried over this. I obviously know where I stand and how much I don't mean to this person. So, I suppose this is what it means to let go of the negative emotions and people in your life. I'm here to tell you it will not be easy. It will be painful and you may cry, but it is important to figure this out. I know in time I will survive this and I will be better for it, but it's not easy going through it. 

Have you had to let go of negative beliefs, emotions, things, or people in your life? How did it go? Are you a better/happier person for it?


  1. awe I am really sorry to hear that, but I can tell you that hard as it is right now...if they treat you that way then you will find more space open up in your life for great things without them

    1. Thank you Amanda! I appreciate your comment. Logically/mentally I agree with you, it's the emotional that isn't there yet. Hopefully it will all come together.

  2. I like this quote and it is so true! I went through something like this as well. My "very good" friend cancelled every date we set last minute. We live about 1 hour apart (20 minutes from my work) and have only seen each other once this year! The first and last time was in March, even though I was wedding planning, got married and now I'm pregnant. I still email her once in a while, because I can not totally cut of the friendship, but I realized it hurts more to get constantly cancelled on. I don't get my hopes up and don't suggest another meeting. She knows something is up, because I didn't tell her personally I'm pregnant. I was planning to, but she cancelled twice on me. So I just didn't tell her. Eventually she found out and I told her, that I was hoping to tell her in person. She again had a list of excuses for not being able to meet me, but I just said ok and left it at that. It's easier that way. I rather put my efforts towards friends who give back!