Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jingle Bell 5k

This morning hubby and I got up to run the US Road Running Jingle Bell 5k here in town. I love US Road Running because the organizer lives one town over from me and plans races that are 5 minutes away! Being I live in the middle of nowhere, that to me rocks!

We got to the race about 8:20 a.m. so hubby could register, then chilled out in the car a bit. When we got hubby registered we found out the course was a loop. Uh oh. In the 5.5 years I've been running, I've determined I do not like loop courses. It just seems mean to go past the finish line, but not be finished. But we lined up at the back of the pack and headed off. Of course, hubby almost knocked Santa down as we started! LOL!

This course was different from the last time we ran a US Road Running race. This time we started at the opposite end of the school complex, around the HS track, then down along the tree line, then over to the one neighborhood, and back to the starting area to run it again. I am in no shape to be running a race. I admit it. But, what killed me was the trail portion. It was all snow, mud, and slush. Once you were off the cement it was killer (at least to me!).

As we got back to the sidewalks on our way back to the start for the second loop, we were lapped by the first four finishers. Grrr... I had hoped we would have been near the finish area before that happened. Though, we may be in the photos they took of the top three finishers because we were behind them when the photo was taken. Heehee!

We ended up walking most the second loop. Eh. We knew we weren't prepped for a trail run and I didn't realize how bad the course would be in the snow. We finished in an awful showing, but again not last. Odd...

It's ok. I'm happy we went and ran it. I wanted to run a Jingle Bell race this season and I got to. I have let myself go and knew it wouldn't be a good race time. It's been a rough week and my mind isn't 100% on anything right now, but I still went, I still ran it the best I could, I still got my medal, and I still had fun with hubby. Overall, a nice way to spend a Saturday morning.

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