Monday, December 16, 2013

Motivational Monday

To be must let go of all the negative beliefs, emotions, things, and people which are holding you back in life.

I have been thinking about this lately, what makes me happy because I think for a while now I have not been. I'm not saying that I've been miserable, but I think there was a time a few years ago I was extremely happy - I had a job I was excited about, friends I saw/chatted with regularly, I was running & eating healthy consistently. Then something happened. What? I'm not sure. I've thought about it and just can't pinpoint exactly what went wrong or what started me on a road to unhappiness. 

But, a few weeks ago I realized I was unhappy. I know what I am unhappy about right now and I realized that by not realizing it I have allowed my emotions to run my life. I have been unhappy, so I don't go to the gym. I am unhappy and didn't go to the gym, so I eat to make myself feel better. I am unhappy, I didn't go to the gym, I am frustrated at work, and I ate to make myself feel better, so I might as well eat something else. See the cycle? All because I allowed things to make me unhappy without doing anything about it. I let it fester and I let it determine my worth.

Yes, I said it. I let my unhappiness determine my self-worth. I let it become a part of me rather than something to see, understand, and change. I let it rule who I am and how I see myself. That's a bit sad actually (no pun intended). I am not saying writing this quote and telling you about it will automatically make it all go away. I won't just be happy now because I've figured out that's what the underlying issue is. No, it will take time to figure out a long-term solution and follow through on it. I need to make decisions about my life and where I want it to go. I suppose in one sense figuring this out now allows me time to plan for 2014 and make it a great year, one where I finally make myself happy - whatever that means to me. 

Are you happy? Or are you unhappy, but not seeing it?    


  1. Thanks for posting, I think sometimes people are afraid to post how they are unhappy, but I do think it can make you stronger by doing so. I hope that you do have a wonderful2014!

    1. Thank you Meg. It's not easy to say it, let alone write it, but it's where I am right now. Needs to be said. Hoping it turns things around.