Sunday, December 15, 2013

Learn something new

I love running in cold weather. It always makes me laugh a bit when people talk in the fall about slowing down for the winter and what other things you can work on until you start running again in the spring. For me, I go out and run in the cold. I like it. I prefer it to running hot in the summer, where I sweat constantly and just get overheated.

Yesterday I went out for a run, which has not been happening lately. I decided since we were expecting a snow storm to layer more than usual. I put on a pair of lycra pants under my running pants, then did my normal top - cold weather long sleeve, running jacket, then added my heavy jacket because it just seemed COLD. LOL! I finished it off with a headband and gloves.

What did I learn? I learned that those lycra pants were amazing! Normally, no matter how far I run in the winter, my thighs freeze and do not warm up. The rest of me will warm up - that heavy jacket would have been removed had I not been going for such a short run and the gloves helped my hands warm and may have come off too. But, wow. That extra layer of clothing on the legs made such a difference! At the end of my run, I told hubby I need to buy a few more pairs so I can layer up this winter. I'll need it for when training starts for The Love Run in January.

Have you learned something new about running lately? What do you wear when you run in these colder temps? Or, if you're in a warmer clime, what do you wear to keep yourself from overheating?

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