Monday, December 9, 2013

Motivational Monday

If you say your gonna do it, get it done!
Wendy from t2coaching posted this on Twitter with a link to the actual inspirational quote she wanted to share. To me, I saw her tweet as the inspiration. It made me think a bit about how what I say and want to do have not been meshing. I want to lose weight, I want to run, I want to get toned, I want to be healthy. None of these things are happening. I keep saying I'm going to do it, but my actions do not follow my talk.

I'll be even more honest with you. One of my big pet peeves (that has nothing to do with driving!) is when someone says they will do something, then they back out. I've had that happen to me way too often and I get angry when it happens. It makes me feel like I am not important to the person who doesn't follow through.

When reading that quote I realized I was doing the same thing, only to myself. I made promises to myself that I would eat healthy...tomorrow. I would go for that run...tomorrow. I would hit the gym...tomorrow. But, I wouldn't. I would say I would, but I came up with an excuse not to. I was doing what annoys me the most in other people to myself. Maybe that's why it annoys me so much, because I do it enough to myself that seeing it others is a reflection on me.

This really made me think and it's something I need to wrap my head around. While I normally find a way to incorporate the motivational quote into my life, this one makes me realize I need to think about this one. I can't just throw out a way to make this fit into myself because I think this one is too complicated for that. Today's motivational quote made me think of more than just my health and fitness goals, but of my belief system.

Thank you Wendy! I know you didn't anticipate your quick Tweet to make such a difference in my life, but I think it will be truly beneficial to me in more ways than one.

* Wendy is a training coach, but I am not a affiliated with her training programs. I just saw her Tweet and it made me think.

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