Saturday, January 4, 2014

Attempting a Saturday Run

Thursday into Friday we got a nice snow storm. I think our area got about 5" of snow total. I didn't do anything yesterday because honestly, I was still a bit traumatized by Thursday night's ride home. I couldn't even go into work because the roads were so bad I was afraid I wouldn't get home again!

But, this morning, hubby and I braved the cold (19*) at 11:00 a.m. and went out to run. We bundled ourselves up and went to our normal running spot hoping the sidewalks or the streets would be clear enough to run on. Nope. They were horrible. My fear when we decided to run was there would be a lot of ice, making running a scary proposition. I was right. There was lots of ice.

And so, we decided rather than run and hurt ourselves or just go home we would go for a walk instead. We went out and did 1.3 miles in 27 minutes. Yea, no land speed record here, but there were a few people who haven't cleaned their sidewalks at all and we were trudging through 5" of snow, or slowing down because the whole sidewalk was a sheet of ice.

So, while we didn't go far or long this morning, I'm proud we got our butts out there and did something. I'm hoping that come Monday, the sidewalks might be better and I can get in a 30 minute run. I only have about 2 weeks before Love Run training begins. I'm not in condition yet to even start, so these next two weeks are crucial to getting ready. Let's hope the weather gets a bit better because if not, training is going to be a challenge!

How did your run go today? Did you have to fight the snow and ice today or are you smart and live in warm weather, where ice and snow aren't an issue?

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