Sunday, January 5, 2014

January Menu Planning

Back in September I tried planning all my dinner meals out for the month. I had never done a whole month before. Sure, I'd done a week, but a whole month? Nope. Since we were going on our cruise I thought it would make it easier each night not to have to think about our meals.

I was right! We didn't always stick to the menu, but it made the month so much easier than the always present, "what do we make for dinner tonight?" that we seem to do every night.

So, I decided to try again this month. I take a monthly white board and put the dinner ideas on for each night. This month I'm trying two new recipes: Chili Ranch Casserole and 4-Ingredient Pizza Bake. Both of these are for this week. The rest of the month is filled with tried and true recipes and simple menu ideas. The veggie lasagna and meatloaf is frozen, the chili starts from a mix, and the pizza is frozen. Saturday nights are blank because we generally go out that night. I see no point in planning those nights when I know we'll be out and about anyway.

This is my January meal planning. Do you meal plan? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly? Have any good recipes to share?

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