Monday, January 13, 2014

Motivational Monday

Oh yes. This is another way of saying

Both are pretty much the way I need to start living my life. I constantly belittle how much I have accomplished in my life (except for getting a MA, that I completely brag about!). Someone congratulates me on something and I downplay it. Running a race? Eh. Only a 5k. You have good attention to detail. Really? I feel like I struggle with it. You read 96 books in 2013? That's amazing! Oh well, I missed my goal of 100.

See? I'm really good at downplaying what I have accomplished. I don't let myself acknowledge it and use it to propel me forward. I allow myself to see what others are accomplishing and think I am so far behind. Doesn't matter what I'm trying to do, if someone does it better then I feel like a failure.

Instead, I want to start magnifying the positive things I do. I want to be happy when I accomplish something I've worked hard for. I want to remember that I may not be at my goal, but there are those who would love to be where I am. It is a matter of perspective and if I can remember when I hoped I would be where I am, then I will be happy with where I am.

How about you? Do you allow your imperfections to overpower your accomplishments? Let's take a vow today to start rejoicing in our accomplishments and build upon them!

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