Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Last week hubby went to the doctor with the flu. He was given five meds and sent on his merry way. He was really sick too. It was just awful.

Saturday night, my throat felt a little scratchy. Then Sunday, it felt a little worse and I started coughing. By Monday morning when I woke up, my throat was killing me, I was coughing consistently, and my nose was a bit drippy. My Twitter friends gave me lots of suggestions for home remedies and I tried them all day Sunday. I took two aspirin for the throat pain, then headed into jury duty with a bunch of zinc throat lozanges.

Here we are on Wednesday and my throat is still a bit sore (fine yesterday, woke up today in pain so took another aspirin), coughing WAY more than ever, and still a bit of a drippy nose. It has not been a fun week and I've had jury duty everyday. In my county, jury duty lasts a week.

What am I nervous about? I start training for The Love Run half marathon on Monday! I have it all scheduled out and it's pretty aggressive. Typical week:

Monday: x mile run (starts at 2 and moves up to 5 by the end); core; spin class
Tuesday: 30 min TRX class; 30 minute easy bike
Wednesday: 30 min treadmill run; PiYo Strength
Thursday: Res
Friday: Core/Stretches
Saturday: Long run (length depends on week, first week 4 miles)
Sunday: Core/Stretches

I feel like crap and can't go more than 5-10 minutes without coughing. How am I going to start this aggressive training plan on MONDAY????? Seriously, if you have any ideas, I am totally open to them. I'm scared if I don't start this coming week I'll be completely screwed. I know, I know. A few days won't kill me overall, especially in the first week, but I need to start training off on the right foot. Help!


  1. awwww man that is rough!!! Ok so here's the truth that none of us want to hear :) it's better to hold off until you are feeling better or likely you'll be out for longer. This is more of a mental setback than physical. Fingers crossed this weekend you feel better. I live by the 3 glasses a day of a little Apple Cider Vinegar with water, lemon and honey to get rid of a cough.

    1. Thank you Amanda. I am laying low this weekend and I think I am mending. Been looking at just doing the run/core/stretching this week, then adding the classes next. Hoping to get something done this week!

  2. I would suggest to relax and rest as much as you can. Take a bubble bath with some cold relief and maybe get a massage to loosen up your muscles. You can do this!!!

    1. Thank you Christine! Been relaxing so far this weekend. Blew off plans Fri & Sat since I didn't feel great. Figured staying in to rest was best. Hoping I was right!