Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saturday's long run...on Sunday!

Normally I run my long runs on Saturday. I've been doing that for as long as I can remember. But, I was exhausted from work Friday and slept 12 hours. Yes. 12 hours. It helps that I have no children and my hubby lets me.

So, I switched up my yoga workout and run. I finished Week 1 of my yoga for running on-line course yesterday and put off my 4 mile until today. When we got up, we almost skipped it. Temperatures were cold and we knew it was supposed to snow. But, we got our butts up and got ready to run.

Hubby had two miles and I had four, so he dropped me off in Mt. Wolf and he went back to our town to run. We had some snow last night and there was lots of snow on the sidewalks.

There were spots where there were several inches of snow. It was cold, about 19* when I was running, but I prefer cold to heat, so I'm not complaining. I bundled up well today ~ knee-high socks, compression pants, pants, cami top, cold weather long-sleeve shirt, t-shirt, running jacket, gloves, and my over the ear headphones. Yea... and my thighs were still cold! What the heck????

I ran slow, which I would imagine is in part due to the snow. I got to mile two in 32:34, which is really slow for me, but about what I did on Monday. What was awesome was I negative split my second half! I finished in 1:01:50. Woohoo! 10 minutes slower than my 4 mile PR, but still I ran faster on the second half of my run than my first! Not too shabby.

And it wasn't all bad. This was kinda pretty...

Did you get out this weekend to run? How far did you go? Are you dealing with snow and cold temperatures too? Any idea on how to keep my thighs from freezing?

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