Saturday, January 25, 2014

Let's talk yoga

Late last year I won a free six month membership to Run Smart online. I was so excited! Then I promptly didn't use it. Ugh.

At the end of December/early January I started working on my The Love Run training plan. I knew I needed to get those runs in, but I also knew I needed to cross-train. So, I added in some TRX, spin, and PiYo Strength classes at the Y to help, along with my running three times a week. I also knew I needed to work on core and flexibility since that was what kept me from running Philly last November. I started looking at the strength routines on Run Smart and saw their twice a week for six weeks yoga class and decided to add that in.

Normally Saturdays are my long runs and today was my first long run of half marathon training. But, I was so tired from work and getting back into working out that I slept 12 hours and didn't get up for my run. Oops. So, I decided to switch that run to tomorrow and do tomorrow's yoga today.

Glad I did! I did a 48 minute yoga routine and my whole body feels wobbly, but less tense. I did Day 1 on Thursday night and Friday I felt much more loose than I had. After today's 45ish minutes, I feel much looser than I did before I did the yoga and I'm hoping it will make tomorrow's run feel better too.

I'm excited for the yoga I've added into routine. I really like the classes being on-line so I can do it at home and fall over without a bunch of people seeing me. ;-) Plus, I can do it on my own time. This six week class will lead me very nicely up to The Love Run, which hopefully means come race day my hips and back are stretched and ready to go!

Do you do yoga? What do you think about yoga as cross training for running?


  1. I bought a Living Social yoga deal, and I did it for the length of the deal. It wasn't my favorite thing while I was doing it, but I realized my body felt great after. I should probably still be doing it. I think it's a great partner for running.

    1. I agree. It's not my favorite either, but I have noticed a huge difference in my right hip afterwards. So, that makes me happy. LOL!