Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Baltimore St. Patrick's Day 5k ~ March 16, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day (late)! Sunday the hubby and I ran our first race of 2014 at the Kelly St. Patrick's Day 5k in Baltimore. It's my favorite race, though not his. LOL!

I started off my day with a long run. I stayed out too late on Friday night and just could not do my 7-10 mile run Saturday morning. I decided to do a split run on Sunday rather than go out Saturday and get sick. So, I got up and ran for an hour thirty. I would have gone with distance, but Garmin wasn't charged. Good thing the Nano gives me options, so I chose the time function. I did my time and the Nano said 7.15 mile but it's not accurate. I am giving myself somewhere between 6.25 and 6.50.

I came home, toasted a bagel, changed into race gear, and we headed out the door to Baltimore. We got there on time, hit the bathroom at the food court of the shops, then off to Charles Street to wait for our friend who was running too. We got there on time, but due to traffic, our friend got caught parking in a different garage further away and would be late. We kept an eye out for her, but we didn't think we would catch up with her until the finish line.

As we started walking to the start, we saw her! For the first time since we started running this race, the three of us started together. The idea was we would all run together since hubby is still injured and our friend hasn't run since October. We barreled our way down Charles St., but I could tell they both would be faster than me even with their issues. I sent them on their way because I didn't want to hold them back.

Off they went and I ran on alone. I'll admit, I think I took the downhill on Charles St. too fast. It's so easy to do though since it's such a fantastic downhill. It's the reason I really love this race!
Due to my too fast start, I had to walk a bit on the uphills that follow that fabulous downhill. They aren't awful uphills, but enough that I needed to walk for about 30 seconds (I counted). I felt like I was booking it, but having run earlier in the day, I probably wasn't. LOL!

I saw hubby and friend right around the water station. I was on the other side of the median, but I saw them. They didn't see me, but that's ok. I knew they weren't that far ahead of me. When I hit the water station, I stepped off the course to drink my water. I tried walking and drinking, but it wasn't going well. After my water, I went back to running. I did take a 60 second walk break in front of Federal Hill due to the uphill. It was rough. Then I ran around the Science Center, took a quick walk break before Pratt Street, then ran again.

Usually when I hit Pratt Street, I start to really want the finish line. This time around I realized if I focused on the Marshall's ahead of me, the finish line would be right there. So that's what I did. I turned the corner to the finish line and sprinted. No real reason, just wanted to see if I could. I could. LOL!

I finished, had my chip taken off my shoe, and found my runner companions. Since the race party area is way too small to handle the number of people in the race, we headed to the James Joyce. We've been going there every year except the first and always have a great time.

We got there, had to wait a tiny bit (it was seriously packed), then got a table in the back. First things first,

a delicious half and half. Guinness is too much for me, so a half and half is perfect. So yummy! Beer is perfect after a long run and by the end of the race, I ran between 9.25 and 9.5 miles that day. Totally deserved!

While sitting there we ordered yummy fish and chips.
It was fish and chips all around! While we had our yummy meal, there was an authentic band from Dublin playing. They were great! Good Irish music and fun covers. They did a cover of Dolly Parton's Jolene, so I sang along. At the end, a woman came over and complemented me on being the only person in the bar who knew all the words. Yea... some, but not all. It was really funny as she was all excited I ran the race, that I had run before the race, that I was training for a half marathon.

Sadly, we finished our meal and decided we should head off. There was a call for snow Sunday night and none of us wanted to get caught in anything.

When I checked my time at home, it was the worse time I've had at this race. My times over the last four years:

2011 ~ 39:36
2012 ~ 36:43
2013 ~ 38:05
2014 ~ 41:20

This honestly doesn't make me all that happy. But, you know what? It could be worse - I might not be able to run; I might not be able to afford to run; I might not have supportive friends; I might be unable to travel. So, what does this mean? It means all the months I kind lost my mojo for running took their toll. It doesn't mean I can't get it back.

Did you run the Baltimore St. Patrick's Day 5k? What do you think of it? How did you do?


  1. Sounds like you had a good race and fun time in Baltimore. I am super impressed with your double run. I didn't run to the race like planned, so no long run for me. While I am glad I ran the race I don't think I will run this one again. It was just to big for my liking.

    1. It is a bit big for the size of the race (i.e. Charles St.). I like it for a couple of reasons: 1. the sea of green going down Charles St. at the start; 2. the start time; and 3. the outfits of people running (silliness and all the costumes). If I were serious about running this race, I wouldn't. It's not a race you can really race unless you are in the front. And I like really big races, so I don't come in last. LOL! And with a time like I put in this time around, yea...in a smaller race it could happen.

      Glad you got to run it, but sorry about missing out on your run to and from. Hopefully you got your training run down in general!

  2. Awesome job! This is my third year in a row running the race. It's way too crowded, which I hate, but I love that everyone is a massive sea of green and comes out to run (and drink beer!)-it's a great running event in the city!

    1. Thanks Lauren! It is way too crowded, that's why my husband doesn't like it. I just love the atmosphere. So fun! Plus, the parade is behind you. LOL! How many races can say THAT?

  3. You ran the race that in itself is great! Definitely something to be proud of!