Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday

It's Thankful Thursday again! What a great way to remember what is good in our lives!

Today I am thankful for my friends. I have some amazing ones and am ever so lucky to have them. I'm gonna cheat and include my hubby as my best friend. Yea...yea... I know, so cheesy, but it's true! He has always been a good friend, someone I can talk to, vent to, laugh with, joke with, ask questions, and just have a good time with. We have many things in common, though not everything (licorice and pickles are yummy! {not together}). I just know no matter what happens, I have someone who has my back.

I have some amazing friends (who aren't married to me) too! I have a few from college who think about me and make me feel special. It's not everyone who does that for you. I have friends who drive from New York, Maryland, and New Jersey for parties and just to visit. They send silly cards or small presents just because. They remember birthdays, Christmas, and are there to comfort when bad things happen. They really are fantastic people and am so glad that as the years go by we have not lost touch, that we still email/write/text/FB.

As much as we can all bemoan the drain social media puts on our lives, I've been very lucky in that it has let me reconnect with many people I had thought lost. I've caught up with friends from elementary and high school, from past jobs, and family who are far away. It's been amazing being able to get back in touch with people I had no idea how to touch base with, but wanted to know how they are doing. I lost touch with my fabulous cousin from across the pond and we got in touch last year through FB. It has been wonderful as we were pen pals in the 1980s and I was fortunate to attend her sister's wedding in 2000.

I am fortunate in my friends. I do not have millions of friends like some people. But, what I have realized is the ones I have are incredible. They are just the people I want in my life. They are a blessing and I am thankful they are there.


  1. Amen! I'm thankful for friends (close and far). My best friend lives in Kenya and she was "by my side" during my most special times (wedding and pregnancy). Thank good for Skype and What'sapp.

    1. As they say, friends are the family you chose for yourself. ;-) There are some wonderful people out there. I am just grateful that I have found them!