Monday, April 14, 2014

Motivational Monday

You know, this is so true. Unhappiness sucks. But, so much of it comes down to how we see a situation rather than the situation itself. How many times have we been sad about something, told a friend, and they didn't understand the problem? To us, it seems awful and cause for much teeth gnashing, but to others it's nothing.

We are all different - what I would be upset over might not upset you and vice versa. Of course there are those things that make us sad that we universally acknowledge as such and we (and others) allow for sadness and give sympathy. But, how many times does something make us sad that in reality, it's how we process it that is causing our feelings?

This week let's resolve to acknowledge our feelings about our situation, but determine if it truly warrants our sadness. Is it as bad as we think or will it be something that a week, a month, a year from now will not even be part of our memory? If we can recognize it's something that's fleeting, then maybe, just maybe, we can let it go without it ruining our today.

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