Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Who do you find beautiful?

We are bombarded by images of what is beautiful and what we should look like. I should be a size 0-2 with long blond hair, blue eyes, be 5'8", and have porcelain white skin. I can claim the blue eyes and fairly porcelain white skin (yea...I'm the lucky one who burns, then goes white again). I'm more of a size 16 (ugh), medium dark red (yea hair dye!), gray eyes (they can be blue, just depends on what I wear and my eye shadow), and 5'4". I'm not what you call the ideal woman.

Recently, I've decided who I believe is a gorgeous woman and someone who I want to emulate - Christina Hendricks. Christina Hendricks plays Joan Harris on the hit AMC show Mad Men.

Can I have this dress? Seriously. Can I?
I admit, I love this show. The writing is great, the costuming is gorgeous, and the acting a fantastic! Throughout the run of the show, I have been drawn to Christina Hendrick's character. Partly due to her attitude (and does she have it!), but also because of how they dress her. She is amazing and the costumers aren't afraid to dress her curves. Christina Hendricks has curves. And I think she is the first modern Hollywood star who flaunts them.

And this is why I feel I'm drawn so much to her. I have curves; I have an hour-glass figure big time. It's something I've always been proud of. One of the few physical features I've liked about myself as long as I can remember. And she makes curves look good.

Over the past few years I have gained more weight than I am happy about. Mad Men's fifth season started off this past Sunday and reminded me again of how much I admire Christina Hendricks and her body confidence. It is something I want to have.

Beauty isn't always model thin. It is confidence. It is knowing what looks good on you. It is feeling good about yourself. I learned this from both Joan Harris and Christina Hendricks. Which is why I am starting again to lose the weight. She is an inspiration and if I can look half as good as she does...well, then I can be a happy girl!

Who do you think is gorgeous? Who do you think sets a good body image example?

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  1. I am fine with this analogy as long as I can be Roger. :-)