Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Boot Camp

(c) Square Fitness, York, PA 

Yesterday, I signed up for my very first boot camp class. It was an introductory class, low impact. I had never done one before and was a tad bit nervous. A. It was a new facility I had never been to before, so I didn't know what to expect and B. I didn't know if I could handle it.

There were 10 of us yesterday, which is a bigger class than they usually have. I thought it was fine. The instructor set up 10 stations and we did each one for about 30 seconds, could have been a full minute. Honestly, I was paying so much attention to the station to think about how long we did it. We did two stations, then came to the middle for some cardio.

It went very well. I was able to do most of the harder variations on the routines, which made me happy. It felt good to go out and do something since I've been sitting on my butt for about a month due to that stupid sprained ankle. It hurt a bit while working out, but I ignored it. I'm tired of letting it keep me from doing things.

There is talk of a Monday night boot camp class. If so, I believe I'll be attending a few. I don't know if I'll go every week, but I woke up this morning feeling sore, so I know I got a workout. I liked that it worked all the muscles, though it has been hard moving around today. LOL! I suppose in the long run that's a good idea.

Have you tried a workout you were nervous about? How did it go? Did you go back?

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