Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I am very thankful today for my veterinarian. Since we moved to PA in 2004, we found a good vet for our kitties just up the road from us. We have been taking our little ones there since 2005. We believe our vet gave us much more time with Pooka {who passed away last July} and Higgy {who passed away last month} than we would have with any other vet.

Why do I say this? Pooka had a history of bladder infections for several years before we took him in. After doing an exam, our vet did an ultrasound on his belly and found bladder stones. No one else had bothered to do that, even though we told other vets of his history. Turns out Pooka needed surgery. So, my sweet Pooka had bladder surgery. Afterwards, we found out there were more stones than they realized.

A few years later, Pooka was diagnosed with diabetes. We had to cut his food back and put him on a daily insulin shot. Our vet decided to try a newly approved cat insulin that in trials in Australia put cats into remission 50% of the time {they had to start on this insulin, they couldn't switch from a different one}. We thought it was worth a shot. Two years later, Pooka was insulin free and had gone into remission.

Shortly thereafter, he was diagnosed with a hyperthyroid. Poor boy! He couldn't eat more because of his diabetes, but his thyroid was attacking him.

Then five months before he passed away, his back legs went paralyzed. Our vet didn't know why, but thought there was a chance he would get the ability to walk back. So, we took him home and a couple weeks later he could walk...wobbly,  but could walk.

Sadly, in July of 2013, Pooka suffered a blood clot that went to the brain and caused a stroke. There was nothing anyone could do. We had to put him down. We knew that we had so many years with our little boy because of our vet.

Pooka's brother Higgy had been pretty healthy. The only big issue he had was being diagnosed with OCD {he liked to lick his tummy bare}. Then a few years ago his thyroid went wonky and he was diagnosed with a hyperthyroid {It was before Pooka's diagnosis.}. We played with medication and while he lost weight, we were able to keep him from losing too much. It was under control.

Then this past January, Higgy's front leg swelled up. No idea why. We took him into the vet that day, he did tests, and determined lymphatic cancer and took 1+ml fluid out of his lungs. We anticipated losing our little tabby then. But, our vet gave us meds and told us to come in the following week with Higgy. We went in a few days later to go over this results and diagnosis was confirmed.

When we brought Higgy in 10 days later, his cancer had grown, but the fluid in his lungs was the same. We had hope. Not that he would live forever, but that it wasn't his day yet. So we took him home, to bring him back in 2 months unless we needed to earlier.

We brought him in 2 months later and his tests were great! No more fluid in his lungs. We didn't do the ultrasound on the cancer since we knew it would still be there. Symptoms were being controlled, so we were happy. Especially after our vet told us as he walked out that he did not expect Higgy to last the two months.

Sadly, at the end of the month he was having bathroom issues. We took him in and started a long two month battle against weakening muscles in his hind legs. In the end, he was struggling so much to walk, jump, go to the bathroom that we could not justify making him go through that anymore. We had to say good bye.

Well, today we received a letter in the mail from the CPAA {Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance}. I had no idea why we would receive a letter from them {I didn't even know who they were until I opened the letter!}. It turns out our veterinary hospital made a donation in Higgy's name. I got through only the first line before I started crying. How absolutely sweet of them to do that. I have no illusions that our vet does what he does because we pay him. Our joke is we've spent enough money on Higgy and Pooka to pay his kid's way through college! So, to receive a letter saying they made a donation in his name? Floored me.

So, today I am grateful for my vet's office. I have always appreciated their knowledge, kindness, and professionalism, but now I am thankful for their thoughtfulness.

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