Monday, July 14, 2014

Motivational Monday

This is so me. I have such a hard time with food. It is my Achilles heel. Sure, I go through issues with working out, but I always go back to it. The issue I have is food. I have the worst time staying with healthy eating. I enjoy it. I like fruit. I like veggies. I'm eh on meats, but I eat the ones I like.

I have a hard time picking healthy over unhealthy - fruit over dessert, vegetables over chips, salad over burgers. I like all the healthy stuff, but I just can't seem to pass on the unhealthy stuff. It's like I don't want to miss out on yummy...even though healthy stuff is yummy too.

I don't want to be fast, cheap, easy, or fake. I know I am not fast {in more meanings than one}, I can be cheap {it doesn't take much to make me happy usually}, easy {right up there with fast}, or fake {I pride myself on never being fake}. The issue is I am this way in the way I eat. I'm not consistent in eating the way I should.

So today, let's focus on our food. Let's focus on not allowing what we put in our mouths to be fast, cheap, easy, or fake. Let it be healthy. Let it be yummy. Let it nourish not only our bodies, but our souls.

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