Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Weekend Workout

Over the weekend, hubby and I hit the trails for a couple workouts. We started out at Gifford Pinchot State Park on Saturday for a three mile hike. We had gotten in a few two mile walks around our neighborhood, plus all the walking in TX a few weeks ago, but this was the first intentional three miles in ages.

It was a warm day, but it turned out that under the trees it was really nice. It was shady and a nice breeze blew through helping keep us cool. We had a little trouble at times staying on the right trail, but we were able to get a nice 1.5 miles out before turning around. The walk back was nice and we got a full three miles in.

Pinchot State Park is really pretty

Sunday, we hit the York Rail Trail to get in a bike ride. I had taken our bikes to the bike shop earlier in the week for some maintenance and picked them up Sat. We hadn't ridden the bikes in a couple years, but we thought it might be a good workout to test hubby's legs.

The goal was to go 4-5 miles depending on how he was feeling. It was a warm morning, but biking is always nice since you build your own breeze. We headed south since there were less crossings to worry about. We went through the tunnel and got to two miles and hubby felt good, so we chose to go on.

We made it to 2.5 miles and took a break.

My new bike. Sunday's ride was it's inaugural trip!
Hubby did well! No pain!
The Rail Trail is so pretty.
The obligatory selfie.
After our water break, we rode back super fast! On the way down we took it very easy so hubby could test his legs and I could test my bike. As we headed back to the car, hubby picked up the pace. On the way down we did our 2.5 miles in about 20 minutes. When we got back to the car, we did the second 2.5 miles in 14 minutes. Not too shabby.

We celebrated with this yummy lunch.

BLT, carrots, blueberries, and mixed fruit
Did you get a fun workout in this weekend? What did you do?

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