Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Decided to try

For months I've been interested in getting a fitbit. I really wanted a Flex, but they recalled all of them after 1% of the population had a skin reaction to it.

I couldn't decided if I wanted a Flex because the Force had everything I wanted, whereas the Flex didn't. I looked at many of the options out there, but none of them really seemed to be what I was looking for.

Monday, I decided I was getting the fitbit Flex. The reason? I really wanted something that I could wear consistently without having to remember to put it on. I can wear it for about 5 days before having to charge it. The other reason is because it helps you determine how you sleep. I do not suffer consistently with insomnia, but I have had more cases of it lately than I like.

I ran to Dick's Sporting Goods to pick one up because I have a member's card with them and figured $105 bucks will help me get a cash back reward. I lucked out apparently because the salesperson I got to unlock the fitbit told me they hadn't had the slate gray/blue one in for months. They must have received a shipment.

I chose the gray/blue one because I thought it would match more than black or bright pink. I brought it home and it was pretty much charged and I could start right away. It comes with two bands - a large and a small. I put the large on and it practically slid off my wrist. The small is exactly what I want; it will stay close to my wrist rather than be like a bangle bracelet. It's the only small thing that fits! LOL!

I've only worn it half a day so far and with my 2 mile walk today, I'm just under half of the pre-determined goals - 10,000 steps, That's not too bad. What I really want this for is to see how I do at work. I walk quite a bit there - half a mile to work, walk during work, half a mile from work. It will be interesting to see how that looks at the end of the day.

I'll keep you posted on what I think and how it goes. I'm hoping it keeps me thinking about how on days I don't work {Monday/Tuesday} I need to move my butt and not sit at my desk all day researching/reading/playing on the internet.

Do you have a fitbit? Do you like it? Any tips?

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  1. Very interesting to hear how you like it. The sleeping function is cool!! I always wanted to know more about my sleep.