Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for love. This sounds sappy I know, but here's why. I am attending the wedding of a college friend this evening.

Lately, we have been attending a good number of weddings. Last September my husband's co-worker celebrated their wedding in Philadelphia. My cousin married her long time boyfriend in New Jersey. My lovely friend Stephanie eloped in March, then we partied at her reception in June (which I had the honor of photographing) at her parent's home in Gettysburg.

Today's wedding is in San Antonio, TX at Bella Spring. Our friend has always dated a good deal, but never could find one girl that was the one. Well, now he has and we are all going to celebrate them starting their lives together.

To finish off the year of weddings, we have another wedding in the Philly area in September of another college friend. Then in November, we finally get to attend a local wedding of another college friend. Next August another set of friends will be marrying after 20 years together.

So, today let's be thankful for love and finding that special someone to spend our lives with whether you marry or not. A lifetime of being with the person you love is a wonderful thing.

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