Friday, September 12, 2014

5 Things Friday

I thought this might be fun to try.  Let's see how it goes! Feel free to share 5 things about you!

1. I went to Catholic school for 12 years - Most Holy Redeemer {1-8} and Gloucester Catholic High School.

2. The church I was married in {Most Holy Redeemer} and my reception hall {Woodbury Country Club} no longer exist.

3. I still use the same alarm clock my college roommate bought me for Christmas one year. Thanks Nicole!

4. I have always had pets, except for about two years when I was in college. We had to put my Fluffy {Shetland Sheepdog} down and I couldn't handle it. About two years later I was desperate for a pet, enter Higgenbaffum and Pooka.

5. I've only had one broken bone - the small toe on my right foot. Broke it trying to jump over a box and caught it on the flap. Ouch!


  1. I always love those interesting fact posts! Fun fact: my dad is Italian citizen but can't speak Italian

    1. Oh that's funny! Was he born there, but moved when he was little?

  2. Don't forget that the resort where we went on our honeymoon is also out of business (at least as "Sandals Dunns River")

    Everything we touch turns to ruin!!