Monday, September 8, 2014

Motivational Monday

It's amazing how many things we dream of doing, want to do, imagine doing but somehow never do. If you're like me, it's because you don't think you can. You lack the faith in your abilities to accomplish the things you want. Why? I don't know. I'm sure a psychologist could answer that question better than I.

But, I decided in August that I have goals and things I want to accomplish with my running. I'm no Usain Bolt or Meb, but I know I can be better than I am. So, I made some decisions:

1. I investigated a running coach and on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 I signed up with one. I started my training with my new coach yesterday.

2. I'm going back to personal training at the Y.M.C.A. I had fantastic results {hello 5k, 8k, and half marathon PRs}.

3. I am going to do boot camp once a week.

4. According to my running coach I will be back at TRX. I am actually happy about this because I've wanted to do it, but I always found an excuse. Since I have to report on my workouts, I need to get my butt there!

5. Since I'm working hard on my training, I'm thinking this will lead me to eat healthier. I was told earlier in the year that when you concentrate on your training, your eating habits will start to shape up so you don't lose the effects of your training.

So, I am trying. My goals right now are simple...I've been trying to reach these goals for a couple of years now.

Sub-35 minute 5k
Sub-60 minute 8k/5 mile
Sub-2:50:00 Half Marathon

My coach believes it's doable. I believe it's doable. I just need the accountability and the support to reach these goals. 

What goals do you have? What are you doing to reach them?


  1. GO YOU! You are my exercise hero! Wish I could be so motivated. But maybe since I'm feeling better with this no grain diet, i might just get there soon.

    1. I know you can do it. If you aren't feeling healthy physically, how can you workout? Seriously? Get yourself feeling better consistently and we'll set up walking goals for each other. I'll bet you will start feeling like moving when you feel better. You got this!!

  2. My YMCA offers TRX as well. I heard good things about it, but I'm a little scared of trying it. Have you done it before?

    1. That's where I do TRX - the Y. It's much cheaper than anywhere else. And yup, I did it last summer. I got sick and got behind, so I stopped going. I'm going to pick up the drop-in class. It's hard, but it really does work your whole body - cardio and ab work in one!