Friday, October 3, 2014

Five Things Friday

Another edition of 5 Things Friday!

1. I played softball as a kid and loved it! I started off at 3rd base and short stop. At the end of my first season, my team attended the All-Star Game {none of us were actually in the game} when the coaches came over to see if any of us would play since several girls didn't make it. I took on the position of catcher and never looked back! It is my favorite softball/baseball position and my all-time favorite baseball player is Darren Daulton, catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies.

2. I wrote my M.A. thesis on how the national sports media perpetuates fan stereotypes using the Philadelphia Phillies and Philadelphia Eagles as my examples. Yes. I received an M.A. from a very well-known higher education institution with that concept.

3. I've been bitten by a tiger. Oh yea. And I lived to tell about it! LOL! While I was actually bitten by a tiger, it was a tiny, tiger cub at a zoo where you could pay a fee to have your photo taken with one. They are so adorable! We had one on our laps for the photo when one on the floor started being frisky. He went after a toy near my foot and bit my ankle. It's probably the coolest thing I can say about me.

4. I've had a police officer tell me on two separate occasions that he doesn't understand how I'm still alive. That always makes a person feel good, right? I was involved in such a bad car accident in high school that the only person who would survive it would have been the driver {me}. The back seat was smashed into the front seats and the passenger seat was smashed in from hitting a parked car in the same accident.

The second time I worked at a clothing store in a mall that was in the direct line of fire from a shoot-out between an armed robber and a armored car driver coming out of a bank. Three people died, one wounded, the robber got away, but was eventually caught, and during the investigation which involved the SWAT team, the officer who came to talk to us at the store said, "I can't believe you are alive...that none of you were hit." He said that because we had four bullet holes in our store.

5. I really enjoy counted cross-stitching. I'm not into the big projects, but I like ones you can do in a weekend, maybe a week. Generally these days my projects revolve around wedding designs, baby designs, and Christmas. I just like seeing the project come to life and doing it myself.

So, those are some fun facts about me? What fun fact will you share with me?


  1. OH MY God!! You really had those 2 things happened to you? How scary!!! Glad you are ok!!

    1. Yup. There has to be someone looking out for me because how else would I have survived all that? One maybe, but yea, not everything. Crazy.