Wednesday, October 1, 2014


October is my favorite month of the year. Always has been. I suppose it doesn't hurt that October is my birth month. :)

Honestly though, I love October because the weather starts to cool down, it becomes jeans/sweater weather, the leaves on the trees start to change, pumpkin {everything} happens, blankets are needed again, and oh's my birthday month!

This month I'm back to racing - Hop Dash 5k, Baltimore Running Festival 5k, and Kids Chance 10k. I have been running with a coach in September, so hoping I made some gains. I'll be happy if either 5k is under 40 minutes.

This month we're brewing beer with friends again. Well...I'm not. I'm just there to chat and bring snacks. LOL! Hubby does all the work. For me, it's just a nice day of hanging out with friends. :)

This month we're also christening the deck! At the end of the month we're having people over to hang out on the new deck for the first time. It will probably be cold, but we have a fire pit so hopefully that will help out. I'm looking forward to toasting some marshmallows!

This month I joined a challenge a friend is hosting. She was kind enough to send me a message asking if I'd like to join since she knew I've been struggling. She's so sweet! So, next week starts our pre-challenge to the official challenge. I'm looking forward to it and seeing what she has in store!

So, what's your favorite month? Do you like the fall too? What great plans do you have coming up?


  1. I love fall and this year is even more fun since we have a little one. Can;t wait for pumpkin patch and hay rides :)

    1. Yes. Fall is my favorite! And I can imagine how fun it will be to share all those fun things with your little one. The photos are going to be so sweet!